Day: December 19, 2012

Sullivan on Pot

Andrew Sullivan has a great piece today discussing David Frum’s article/follow-up regarding cannabis legalization. Frum on Pot

Andrew gets to the right stuff very quickly, rightly criticizing the emphasis on nit-picking details, when the big picture is ignored completely.

What interests me is David’s assumption that smoking marijuana is self-evidently bad for people. He cites […]

Free Viewing Of Important Documentary: Breaking The Taboo

The producers of an important and well-received film documentary have contacted NORML asking for help to make as many free viewings of Breaking The Taboo as possible before the film goes into traditional theater distribution. Of the many documentaries in NORML’s forty two year-old archives, this SunDog Pictures produced film is a real stand out for it’s scope and breadth. The film, narrated by actor Morgan Freeman, has received a terrific amount of publicity buzz regarding the subject matter (ending the war on some drugs…) as well for three of […]

A quick fisk

Our subject for this one: Mandy Saligari: Why Legalisation of Drugs Won’t Work in Huffington Post UK.

According to her bio “Mandy Saligari is the Clinical Director and founder of Charter Day Care, Residential and Counselling treatment facility in Harley Street, London where she also practices as an addiction and relationship therapist.” And that explains […]