Hitchens entertains as usual

We’ve discussed Peter Hitchens fairly often, and he’s a bit of a one-note wonder when it comes to drug policy, but his writing is so damned entertaining, it’s hard to pass up.

So you want to legalise cannabis? You must be as dumb as Nick Clegg

Perhaps 15 years from now they will be selling Cannabis Cookies in the supermarkets, and the drug itself will be available at your local corner shop. You can guess which famous brand names will be on the packets. I couldn’t possibly comment.

Let us hope that, at least, the State will by then have built enough mental hospitals to house the poor victims of this squalid drug, the young people who will take cannabis and lose their reason.

But the desire of a few rich cynics for a legal market for marijuana is the real reason for the endless dishonest propaganda on the drugs issue which has fooled so many gullible and ignorant politicians and journalists.

In this unpleasant future, greedy businessmen will make enormous fortunes from the misery of others, and the avaricious State will find a new source of tax revenue, to pay the interest on the vast debts it can never meet. [...]

All these people calling for a ‘debate’ don’t really want any such thing. They want to hurry us into legalisation – though they will not call it that, hiding behind such words as ‘regulation’ or ridiculous, unscientific claims that cannabis can be smoked for medical purposes.

Once they have won, it will be incredibly hard to go back. By the time people grasp that legal cannabis has made this a Third World country, stupefied and acquiescent, it will be too late.

It’s not too late now. But it very nearly is.

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