Day: December 4, 2012

Poll: Solid Majority Of Voters Back Legalizing Cannabis

Nearly six out of ten Americans support legalizing cannabis, according to a just released Public Policy Polling automated telephone survey of 1,325 voters, commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project. 58 percent of respondents said that marijuana ‘should be legal.’ Only 34 percent of respondents opposed the notion of legalizing cannabis. A solid plurality of voters (47 percent of respondents versus 33 percent) also said that the federal government should not interfere with newly passed marijuana legalization measures in Colorado and Washington. Male respondents endorsed legalization by a greater margin than […]

Odds and Ends

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days — the L.A. trip wiped me out, and now it’s the last week of school with a lot of catching up to do.

Interesting legal development: California Court: Landlord Can’t Evict Medical Marijuana Dispensary

One of the tools that the feds have been using has […]