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Mark Kleiman has a very reasonable article at The Crime Report: Legalizing Pot: One Step at a Time. I’m pretty sure a version of it has been published elsewhere, but it’s essentially a plea for the federal government to let us learn from the federalist experiments in Colorado and Washington.

What’s bizarre is the current sole comment at the article, by someone called Dr. Alexander Jablanczy MD. It’s not abundantly clear what he actually supports – he claims to be a quasi libertarian and supports “liberalisation” as well as supporting some kind of control group with the “death penalty imposed for any buying or selling or trasporting [sic] of any drug whatsoever.” He also claims that “marihuana” made his IQ “drop like a stone.” I’m willing to take his word that his IQ is low, but rather doubt his explanation.

I wonder if this guy has actual patients, and whether they should be… warned.

As a quasi libertarian and ex revolutionary from the sixties I would support of course any liberalisation of nearly everything and the elimination of granny state control of adult human choices.

However I did smoke one a significant amount of marihuana as an experiment and concluded that while it made me giggling silly happy and quite high higher than I have ever been before or since I also concluded that it made my IQ drop like a stone. Whatever human qualities I have the most important thing in my humanity is my intellect. In that it is much worse than alcohol as i can still sudy read learn reason while inebriated, that is simply impossible when stoned.

So I made a choice then and there that I would rather be miserable and intelligent than happy and stupid. So for the next 45 years I quit.

But having relearned molecular medicine and lately cellular biology and neurotrasmitters and receptors and action potentials of presynaptic axons it is clear to me thet the stupidity I experienced has a very real material correlate: viz, the neurons actually slow down electrical and chemical transmission. Marihuna makes you stupid.

So opposition to ANY DRUG ABUSE whtsoever is not based on a whim or a prejudice nor a mere opinion but scentific unarguable fact.

Simply read THE BRAIN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM , BTW the very best website on the net from McGIll U. and you can learn about all these drug addictions at the molecular level.

This is now quite well worked out but the other aspect is still in its infancy, the subscience of addictology. We simply know nothing and what we know is all wrong.

The state is in the business of supporting gambling addiction with lotteries casinos on line gambling horse racing sport betting all not just corrupting influences but inadvertently or maliciously teaching the populace how to become addicts.

Addicts’ main characteristic other than their addiction is that they are all liars and self deluding ignoramuses for they really know not what they do. They dont know about opiate receptor dysfunction extinction resynthesis and consequent death. They also dont know that there are 50! endocannabinoids of which anandamine is one. That endorphin enkephalin dynorphin made by the opiate naive body is just as potent as morphine heroin methadone fentanyl KROKODIL desomorphine. But if these exogenous ordures are used the body stops making the endogenous ones and destroys their receptors in self defence.

Only very ignorant and very stupid doctors use Oxy and Perc which are unnecessary unless your aim is to add to the ranks of drug addicts.

The entry drugs are nicotine and caffeine unknown in ancient civilizations. Marihuna is a distant third.

All are unencessary without any legitimate indication. Even the verbiage is odious recreational drugs. Bosh. Drugs are pharmakon ie both medicines and poisons. Tertium non datur.

The Greeks and Romans were so overwhelmed by the effect of very weak beer and wine that they invented gods to explain the ecstatic effect: Dionysius and Bacchus. Drunk maenads would tear young men limb from limb. Their excuse was possession by Dionysius ie the god of wine.

The assassins of course were hashashin empowered to murder without conscience by their use of hashish. Spiffy.

In spite of these factual warnings about the dangers and folly of all mind altering substances I fully support the two states’ legalisation of marihuana use.

For it is a necessary and worthwhile experiment to see what its effect will be. But it must be run for at least ten years then reassessed and in the other case even for twenty years. For it might take a generation to fully experienxe the degradation IQ deficit increase in crime social upheaval which I expext. But it might be immeasurable as the baseline use else where is already so rampant that the control group would be nearly identical to the experimetal one.

Two other states similar to the experimental ones should have the death penalty imposed for any buying or selling or trasporting of any drug whatsoever Now that would be a real contorl group with 0 use.

And unlimited use in those two states.

But neither will happen So the experimental design is faulty all but useless and uncontrolled hence meanigless.

I am not holding my breath.

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