What else could cause such behavior?

I was struck by this headline: Report: Shooter drug-free during Sikh temple killing

MILWAUKEE — A white supremacist with a history of alcohol problems was drug-free when he walked into a Sikh temple in the U.S. this summer and fatally shot six people before killing himself, according to a toxicology report released Wednesday.

There’s almost a sense of… bafflement in the article. If it wasn’t drugs that caused a man to fatally shoot six people and then himself, what could it possibly have been?

Remember the Zombie who had eaten part of a man’s face? The assumption was that he was high on “bath salts” – an assumption that was repeated without evidence over and over, even leading to new laws against bath salts… despite the fact that the autopsy found no such drug (not even the autopsy stopped supposed news outlets from continuing to repeat the false story).

And of course, whenever there is some heinous crime and drugs are discovered, it’s a pretty sure bet that they will be blamed, regardless of any evidence as to their causing the behavior, as opposed to blaming the individual.

Recently, the ONDCP’s communications director Rafael Lemaitre tweeted:

Tragic story. http://t.co/it9Hx5ZU Help raise awareness. Learn more on what the research shows re: drugged driving http://t.co/HmXIzcfX

The tragic drugged driving story was about four young people who were killed in a car accident, and the driver tested positive for marijuana. The inference, of course, was that the drug caused their deaths. But the story is actually about a 17-year-old without a driver’s license who was driving 110 miles per hour at 3:35 am. Whether or not he was stoned, it certainly wasn’t marijuana that caused that accident.

As uncomfortable as it is to consider, sometimes there are people who are just plain fucking nuts. You can’t “explain” them by blaming some drug they took. They just are.

And all you can do is hope that when they do melt down they’ll become Darwin Award recipients instead of taking out their friends or some innocent Sikhs.

Blaming drugs won’t help.

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