President Obama Finally Speaks Out on Legalization

Oops, sorry, my bad. That was from 2004.

The silence from the administration has been deafening. And other states and countries have been stepping into the void to make a case for legalization. The genie is definitely out of the bottle.

It’s interesting to watch the silence on Twitter. Rafael Lemaitre, the Communications Director or the ONDCP hasn’t tweeted since October 14, except to re-tweet some posts by others that had nothing to do with marijuana legalization. And the other ONDCP twitter account has joked about Director Kerlikowske secretly desiring to guest host NPR’s show “Wait, Wait,” and yet hasn’t commented on the Washington and Colorado votes. The ONDCP blog talked about drugged driving legislation in California, and a Veteran’s Day message, but nothing on the elections. Clearly, the ONDCP has been told in no uncertain terms to keep its collective mouth shut.

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