I actually found this rather humorous…


The Dunedin Returned and Services’ Association (RSA) is upset after drugs paraphernalia was found marring a war memorial.

Last week, a Keep Dunedin Beautiful Adopt-A-Spot volunteer discovered some bongs at the Highcliff Rd war memorial on the Otago Peninsula.

Four bongs used to smoke marijuana were found while the volunteer was tidying the area.

Dunedin RSA president Jenepher Glover said it was really saddening to hear about the bongs.

“It’s a desecration,” she said.

“To think that someone would disrespect the people who fought by smoking drugs there is abhorrent.”

I’m sure that some of the veterans who regularly visit this blog would agree that there may be no finer tribute to the fallen than to bring some bongs to a war memorial on a high cliff overlook.

And the significance of leaving the bongs there? …. Well, how is leaving a wreath any better?

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