Shutting off the gas won’t stop the fire

At a raging fire consuming blocks of the city last night, Fire Chief Kil Gerlikowski pooh-poohed suggestions that they cut the gas supply that was fueling the fire. “That won’t stop the fire. It’ll still have wood and other materials that will keep it going,” said Kil. “It’s a bit naive to think that shutting off the gas is a solution.”

Legal drugs won’t stop cartels: expert

“People say, ‘gee if we could just legalise drugs, maybe we could stop violence in Mexico’,” Mr Kerlikowske told the First International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health on Monday.

But he said the cartels were also involved in so many other aspects of organised crime that ending their drug trade would not stop their violence.

“So I think it’s a bit naive for us to think that this issue around drug prohibition, as it’s often called, is going to reduce violence or reduce significantly the amount of money that will come into the transnational organised crime groups.”

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