More bad reporting and professional sports hypocrisy

Jim Corbett of USA Today Sports put out the most clueless piece today regarding the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, with assistance from Lindsay Jones and Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today Sports: Amendments don’t change leagues’ stances on marijuana

Now there’s one huge glaring omission in the entire article that completely invalidates any meaning. As you read some quotes from the article, I’m going to supply the missing element for you in pictures.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass told USA TODAY Sports that the amendments won’t impact the league’s substance-abuse policy: “Marijuana is a prohibited substance under our collectively bargained anti-drug program,” he said.

So, the message is simple: No matter what state law says, light up a joint and a sports career can go up in smoke. [...]

Former Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe, a member of the Hall of Fame, told USA TODAY Sports that loosening the league and NFLPA’s collectively bargained substance abuse policy that mandates suspensions for using the drug won’t change any time soon because it sends the wrong message.

“That will never happen. Not in our lifetime, because of the way kids follow what NFL players do,” said Sharpe, a CBS analyst. “If you look at Little League football, kids who play want to wear the pink towels and shoes for breast cancer awareness … they follow everything the big guys do.

“The voters have spoken in Colorado. They don’t think to a certain degree, the amount is a big deal. They voted and said so. But I don’t see the NFL, basketball or baseball condoning it.” [...]

“There are a lot of things that are legal outside of the NFL — Ephedera, Adderal. There are certain things you can take as a normal citizen walking around the street that are legal,” Sharpe said. “It sends the wrong message.”

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