More traveling

Not a single trick-or-treater all evening. I admit I was driving up I-55 to Chicago at 70 mph at the time, but come on… I had candy. Surely there was some witch on a broom willing to match trajectories!

While driving, I watched an incredible professional fireworks display in Braidwood, Illinois, viewable for miles and miles. As there were no exploding ghouls or goblins, I imagine it represented some long awaited re-scheduling of a summer celebration cancelled in fear of heat and conflagration.

After I passed Braidwood, the brilliant and almost full moon took over the duties of drawing me inexorably toward my destination, until, a mere two miles from McCormick Place, the fickle orb ducked behind a sudden cloud cover, leaving me the view of the gorgeous trapped Chicago skyline lights, as if enclosed in a shadow box.

And now, I relax in a comfy corner room of the Hyatt Regency, to which I was inexplicably assigned for this conference.

I am away from home too much this fall, yet I continue to find special moments wherever I go.

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