Day: October 23, 2012

Mainstream Media Cast Attention To Marijuana Legalization

The past few days affirm that the mainstream media is now starting to cast serious light and attention on both the numerous state cannabis legalization ballots pending in November and what appears to be the precursor to legalization that has largely already happened in the state of Colorado under the pretense of medical access. Two of America’s most important media outlets, CBS’ 60 Minutes and Newsweek Magazine, focused on cannabis legalization and commerce, with the latter featuring the subject matter on this week’s cover. The former leaves the viewer with […]

Governor Cuomo: No Pay Increase for Legislators Until They Decriminalize Marijuana

While the discussion of marijuana policy may be noticeably absent from the current dialogue in the presidential race, one prominent Democratic Party member is not backing down on his push to reform his state’s marijuana laws. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has redoubled his efforts to decriminalize the possession of marijuana in public view after state legislators failed to act on the measure before the end of this year’s session. Amid discussions of a pay increase for legislators, Governor Cuomo told reporters this morning that, “I would not even consider, […]

Presidential Debate Thread

No, not the one Monday night. But The Tuesday Presidential debate.

Third Party Presidential Debate

Live at 9 pm Eastern (8 pm Central) tonight, October 23. It will be aired on C-Span, al-Jazeera English and RT, or Russia Today, and be streamed live online by Ora TV, Link TV and on the website of debate […]

Prohibitionists hiding in the shadows

How times have changed. As the new Marijuana Majority site shows, it’s getting easier to find people willing to speak out publicly in favor of ending prohibition in one way or another.

And, at the same time, the prohibitionists are more and more scurrying for cover like cockroaches when the lights come on.

You may […]