Day: October 9, 2012

One Month Before the Election, Colorado Marijuana Legalization Still Up Ten Points

The University of Denver has just released a new poll of likely Colorado voters and the results are encouraging for marijuana law reform advocates. With just under a month until election day, Colorado’s Amendment 64, which aims to regulate marijuana like alcohol, is still enjoying a ten point lead in the polls. University of Denver polled 604 likely voters in Colorado between October 4th and 5th. They found that 50% were planning on voting yes on Amendment 64, with 40% stating they’d vote no and 10% still undecided. These numbers […]

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative Set to Win in a Landslide

Recent polling data released by the Boston Globe has Massachusetts’ Medical Marijuana Initiative, Question 3, winning by a landslide. A survey of 502 likely Massachusetts voters, conducted between September 21 and September 27, has support for Question 3 at 69%, with just 22% opposed and 9% undecided. Every single demographic has majority support for the ballot question, with the lowest being Republicans at 51% and the highest being Democrats at 78%. Take note presidential candidates, self identified Obama supporters back the initiative by 76% and Romney supporters by 51%. The […]

We don’t need any more…

Occasionally in comments for newspaper articles, I’ll see some comment along the lines of:

We don’t need any more unmotivated zoned-out stoners, so let’s keep marijuana illegal.

Wow. What a concept. The “we-don’t-need-any-more” system of legislating. Forget analysis of whether the laws work, or whether they might affect other responsible people. No, this is much […]

Think of the children!

“Think of the children” is one of the most maddeningly ridiculous mantras of the drug warrior, as if the entire world was intended to be some kind of padded child-safe cocoon. It’s certainly a terrible reason to lock up adults (for merely the “message” that their activity sends to children).

It’s nice to see an […]