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‘Significant’ outdoor bust in Lethbridge wasn’t weed

It’s amazing how many stories like this there have been over the years.

It’s blooming embarrassing, is what it is.

The best part: police still won’t admit the plants they seized in what was supposedly the biggest outdoor marijuana bust in Lethbridge history are plain old flowers — daisies, to be precise.

All police will concede at this point is the 1,624 plants torn from a suburban Lethbridge garden on July 30 isn’t marijuana, as first claimed after a phalanx of police marched in and starting plucking.

“This is a significant bust, given the size of this operation,” is how a senior officer put it at the time, while proudly displaying garbage bags full of the dastardly daises.

That same officer, Staff Sergeant Wes Houston, now admits the plant haul was a mistake.

“In any investigation, police count public safety as our top priority — our decision to seize the plants was made with the best information we had at the time,” said Houston, leader of CFSEU-Lethbridge.

That statement by Houston is hilarious. They had to seize the plants immediately to protect public safety. What were they afraid the plants would do – start marching on the town? I’m pretty sure the plants would have stayed there while they got a botanist (or a teenager) to identify them.

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