Fear! Uncertainty! It’s never been done before!

I swear I would like to stop talking about him, but Sabet seems to be everywhere — a full time shill for marijuana prohibition. Now he’s apparently drawing on the wealth of irresponsible material that the witless enablers Kleiman, Caulkins, Kilmer, and Hawken provided in their latest book to promote UNCERTAINTY as a reason for not changing bad public policy.

It’s tremendously uncertain,” said Kevin Sabet, a former official with the Office of National Drug Control Policy who opposes legalization. “It’s never been done before. So the question Coloradans have to ask themselves is: Do we want to be guinea pigs?”

No, that’s not the question at all. That is, however, the question that Sabet and others would like to have them thinking about rather than the actual facts of the matter.

That’s the real danger of a book like “Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know”. As I pointed out in the book salon…

Henry N. Pollack, author of “Uncertain Science… Uncertain World,” said: “Frequently, ‘scientific uncertainty’ is offered as an excuse to avoid making important policy decisions. We must recognize, however, that delaying decisions because of uncertainty is an implicit endorsement of the status quo and often a thinly veiled excuse for maintaining it. It is a bulwark of the take-no-action policy popularly known as ‘business as usual.’”

And in this case, it’s intended to induce a state of paralysis in public policy reform — fear of the unknown.

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