Odds and Ends

bullet image Seven Sensational Drug Documentaries

bullet image Romney Fat Cat’s Reefer Madness – Maia Szalavitz shines a light on the Semblers.

bullet image Seattle Times Editorial: Approve Initiative 502 – It’s time to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana.

bullet image Tweets.

Kevin Sabet: In the South Bronx, 76 of cigarette packs collected avoided the combined NYC and State tax. Legalization doesn’t work. http://t.co/rxH0LP7M

Pete Guither: @KevinSabet EVEN in the poor S. Bronx, portion of packs collected tax and rest were less-violent gray, not black market. Legalization works.

bullet image Why legalizing marijuana is a bad idea – the Baker Institute Blog continues its legalization series with a very weak argument by Joan Neuhaus Schaan.

bullet image A war that should end A Mennonite calls for Christians to support ending the war on drugs.

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