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bullet image In a truly bone-headed move, CU regents expected to oppose marijuana legalization measure on Colorado ballot

This is one they should stay out of, because it’s likely to backfire on them, as Mason Tvert is quick to note.

“This seems a bit hypocritical coming from a university that sees no problem with naming buildings after beer companies and sanctioning alcohol-fueled tailgate parties before football games,” Tvert said. “Nobody wants people who are underage to use marijuana, but there is absolutely no denying the fact that marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol.” [...]

The Boulder campus — which is where CU’s regents met Tuesday and will reconvene Wednesday — has gained national rankings from publications such as Playboy magazine, Princeton Review and Newsweek for its “reefer madness” and being a party school.

So opposing a measure that regulates with an age limit?…

bullet image And now, for something completely different…

A feature on the still from M.A.S.H. [Thanks to Transform for the link]

I’ve always been a M.A.S.H. fan.

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