Musing on this day

[Note: This post isn't strictly drug policy, but I posted it elsewhere and thought I would share it with you as well.]

Today is a day I remember extraordinary sacrifice and also remember the truly amazing spirit that existed around the world in those immediate days following the tragedy. There was nothing we couldn’t do to rebuild and regroup, because we had the spirit of America and the entire world supported us. The French newspaper of record, Le Monde, ran a front-page headline reading “Nous sommes tous Américains”, or “We are all Americans.”

I flew to Seattle on the first day that flights were allowed again. We didn’t need no stinkin’ TSA — the elderly couple in bermuda shorts in line ahead of me would have taken on any terrorists who showed up on our plane (and they said so). Nobody on that day was going to let the terrorists defeat our spirit.

9/11, unfortunately, is also a time when I curse the political leaders who, in the years following, turned us into a nation of sniveling cowards, eager to give away essential liberties for imagined security. Political leaders who turned America into a nation that arrests people without charges, without trial, without proper representation, and then leaves them to rot in prison until they die. Political leaders who turned America into a nation that drops bombs on innocent people around the world and imagines that there will be no consequences; who use the tactics of terror in a fight against what will now be a never-ending battle against terror. Political leaders who spy on Americans without judicial oversight and use national security as a means of avoiding accountability, punishing those who shine a light on government abuses while refusing to hold accountable those who tortured in our name. Political leaders who changed America from being a leader in human rights into a hypocritical bully. Political leaders who exploit the insecurities of people, intentionally diminishing the power of America in order to profit from its fears.

It’s time for America to truly remember 9/11 and say “We will not be cowed by the threat of terror, nor will we let our political leaders do the work of terrorists and take away our liberty, our soul, and our pride.”

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