Day: September 11, 2012

Michigan: Four Cities To Decide On Marijuana Depenalization Ordinances

Voters in four Michigan cities will decide this November on municipal ordinances seeking to legalize or depenalize local marijuana offenses. City officials in Flint, Michigan most recently approved a citizens initiative to amend the city code so that the possession on private property of up to one ounce of marijuana or cannabis paraphernalia by those age 19 or older is no longer a criminal offense. Proponents of the ordinance submitted over 1,000 signatures from registered Flint voters to place the proposal on the November ballot. Voters in Detroit will similarly […]

Musing on this day

[Note: This post isn’t strictly drug policy, but I posted it elsewhere and thought I would share it with you as well.]

Today is a day I remember extraordinary sacrifice and also remember the truly amazing spirit that existed around the world in those immediate days following the tragedy. There was nothing we couldn’t do […]

Pot for Parents

An outstanding piece in the New York Times… human and honest.

How Pot Helps Parenting by Mark Wolfe.

But the best part is an amazing off-label benefit I call Parental Attention Surplus Syndrome. […]

I swear I am a more loving, attentive and patient father when I take my medication as prescribed. Perhaps this isn’t […]

Kevin Sabet, dishonest whore

If this doesn’t bring out the concern trolls, I don’t know what will. Often when I write about Kevin Sabet, I get some concern troll comments, usually saying that I shouldn’t be so mean to Kevin (while calling me childish).

For instance, in this post where I merely pointed out the pointlessness of Kevin commenting […]