Former officials urge continuation of taxpayer-funded Federal Narcotics Price Support Program

Former DEA heads urge Holder to speak out against pot ballots

Nine former heads of the Drug Enforcement Administration urged Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday to take a stand against possible legalization of recreational marijuana in three western states, saying silence would convey acceptance.

All nine spent their time on the public dole working to make drugs profitable to criminals at great cost to the people. They not only built the black market narcotics business into a massive world-wide industry, they also built the DEA into a $2.4 billion agency with office all over the world.

Legalization? Yeah, that’s like telling oil executives you’ve come up with an alternative fuel.

Naturally, perennial prohibition prop Kevin Sabet is called upon to add his completely useless 2 cents to the article.

[Source of the title euphemism.]

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