Day: September 5, 2012

Children should have the right to grow up in a politician-free world

That ain’t gonna happen, either.

The World Federation Against Drugs and the Swedish Society for Sobriety and Social Upbringing has published a rather massive (134 page) volume titled: The Protection of Children from Illicit Drugs – A Minimum Human Rights Standard — A Child-Centered vs. a User-Centered Drug Policy by Stephan Dahlgren & Roxana Stere.


Colorado’s Marijuana Initiative, Amendment 64, Still Leading In Polls

Statewide polling data from Colorado, just released by Public Policy Polling, shows support holding strong for Amendment 64, a ballot measure that aims to re-legalize and regulate the personal use of marijuana. From August 31st to September 2nd, PPP conducted a survey of 1,001 likely Colorado voters and found the plurality of them continue to support marijuana legalization. When polled on direct ballot language, 47% of Coloradans state they are supporting Amendment 64, with only 38% opposed and 15% undecided. This is unchanged from polling released last month. When simply […]