Support for 64 in Colorado

The Yes on 64 Campaign got a nice boost with this Letter of Support from the Academic Community

As professors in the fields of law, health, economics, and criminal justice, among others, we write this open letter to encourage a sensible, evidence-based approach to marijuana policy, and to endorse Amendment 64, the initiative on this year’s ballot to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Colorado.

It’s an impressive group of more than 100 signers. Signer Ilya Somin, who writes at Volokh Conspiracy makes a great point:

In my view, Amendment 64 would leave in place more regulation than is ideal, and I am not fully comfortable with some of the praise for regulation in the draft letter (which I signed, nonetheless, because it does not actually say that this regulated system is superior to more complete deregulation, merely that it’s better than the status quo). That said, the best should not be the enemy of the good, in this case the very good. Amendment 64 would be a huge improvement over the status quo in Colorado.

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