Day: August 31, 2012

A judge who actually wants proof of impairment

Pot-smoking driver in Saskatoon deemed not impaired

A woman who admitted to using marijuana before getting into her car has been acquitted of impaired driving, with the Saskatoon judge saying he was not convinced her ability to operate a vehicle was affected. […]

In his decision, the judge said he was left with several unanswered […]

Circuses and Misdirection (updated)

It has come to my attention that there’s some kind of gathering going on in Florida. I haven’t bothered paying any attention to it because I assume that nothing of substance will be discussed.

Have I missed anything?

How about the TV news? Are they covering the Caravan for Peace (which is actually relevant) or […]

Supporters Turn In 50,000 Signatures, LA Marijuana Dispensary Ban Suspended

In July, members of the LA City Council approved a blanket ban on marijuana dispensaries in the city. This ban has now been suspended for the time being thanks to the efforts of medicinal cannabis supporters in the City of Angels. Today, medical marijuana advocates turned in nearly double the 27,425 signatures required to force a voter referendum on the dispensary ban. The ban has been suspended temporarily to allow the city clerk 15 days to verify the signatures and see if the referendum officially qualifies. If it does, the […]

Support for 64 in Colorado

The Yes on 64 Campaign got a nice boost with this Letter of Support from the Academic Community

As professors in the fields of law, health, economics, and criminal justice, among others, we write this open letter to encourage a sensible, evidence-based approach to marijuana policy, and to endorse Amendment 64, the initiative on this […]

What war?

Coincidentally after the last post (but not in response to it), ONDCP’s Rafael LeMaitre tweets: We’re serious about supporting a #publichealth approach to policy – one based on science, not a ‘war on drugs’ or ‘legalize it’ ideology.

Right. So if the ONDCP isn’t supporting the war on drugs, who is? Becuase that is clearly […]