Day: August 22, 2012


Almost two years ago, Maia Szalavitz put a stake in Marijuana as a Gateway Drug: The Myth That Will Not Die

It seemed a shame that she even had to talk about it. It’s so thoroughly discredited that it shouldn’t even be a discussion (and, of course, what we’re talking about is the notion that […]

BREAKING: Medical Marijuana Initiative Approved for the Ballot in Arkansas

This afternoon, the Arkansas secretary of state’s office announced that an initiative that aims to allow Arkansas patients with qualifying conditions to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes has qualified for the ballot in November. The campaign backing the initiative, Arkansans for Compassionate Care, had submitted their initial signatures for approval in July, only to come up short. The state allowed them additional time and the campaign was able to meet the required threshold of 62,507 valid signatures. Arkansas now joins Massachusetts and Montana on the list of states voting on […]

Open Thread

I’m working on preparations for taking my show on the road to Rochester, New York. If you’re in that area, please come see me (and the show). Performances are Friday and Saturday.

Why Russell Brand is Wrong about Methadone by Maia Szalavitz.

Interesting article on a subject that’s outside of my expertise.

Rio de Janeiro […]