Unintended consequences

One of the things about prohibition that people sometimes forget is that it so often truly does make drug-taking more dangerous.

  • Alcohol prohibition led to people going blind from government poisoned alcohol, and to dangerous alcohol stills that were both toxic and explosive.
  • Crackdowns on diversion of safer pharmaceutical amphetimines led to dangerous meth labs.
  • The many deaths from heroin cut with fentanyl are the result of prohibition. All prohibited drugs lack any safety regulation regarding dosage and purity.
  • Banning marijuana leads people to more harmful substances…

How the National Institute for Drug Abuse Helped Create the Dangerous Marijuana Alternative Known As “Spice” by Mike Riggs. 

But it appears NIDA’s quest to cure Americans of their enjoyment of marijuana has backfired. According to a report in The New Orleans Times-Picayune, funds from NIDA helped create the dangerous marijuana alternative known as “Spice” and “K2.”

The funds were disbursed in the mid-1990s to a Clemson University researcher named Dr. John W. Huffman. It was while searching for a cure to marijuana “addiction” that Huffman developed the formula for Spice:

Former Clemson University chemistry professor Dr. John W. Huffman is the namesake of JWH-018, JWH-073 and JWH-200, three of the synthetic cannabinoids banned by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in 2011.

“The National Institute of Drug Abuse wanted to research marijuana,” said Dr. Victor Tuckler, the emergency room toxicologist at Interim LSU Public Hospital in New Orleans. “They were looking at different receptors of the brain to see if they could come up with a way that people wouldn’t get addicted to this stuff.”

Huffman and his colleagues created more than 400 synthetic cannabinoid compounds during the 1990s.

“Who knows how this got out,” Tuckler said. “Pretty soon, it’s on the Internet and people are making it over in China.”


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