The DEA really is a lawless terrorist organization

How to the actions of the DEA in this story differ from those of criminal thugs?

Truck owner wants DEA to pay up after botched sting

So the owner of a trucking company with two trucks discovers after the fact that the DEA decided to use one of his trucks and drivers (without the owner’s permission) for a sting operation.

Commandeered by one of his drivers, who was secretly working with federal agents, the truck had been hauling marijuana from the border as part of an undercover operation. And without Patty’s knowledge, the Drug Enforcement Administration was paying his driver, Lawrence Chapa, to use the truck to bust traffickers.

At least 17 hours before that early morning phone call, Chapa was shot dead in front of more than a dozen law enforcement officers – all of them taken by surprise by hijackers trying to steal the red Kenworth T600 truck and its load of pot.

In the confusion of the attack in northwest Harris County, compounded by officers in the operation not all knowing each other, a Houston policeman shot and wounded a Harris County sheriff’s deputy.

But eight months later, Patty still can’t get recompense from the U.S. government’s decision to use his truck and employee without his permission.

Insurance wouldn’t pay for it. He had to hire a company to clean the driver’s blood out of the cab and then have all the bullet holes in his truck fixed. He’s almost bankrupt, and…

Perhaps most unnerving, Patty says, is that drug mobsters now likely know his name, and certainly know his truck.

Panic at the Patty home these days can be triggered by something as simple as a deer scampering through the wooded yard or a car pulling into the driveway.

In Mexico, the drug trafficking organizations act in completely lawless ways that result in deaths without fear of any real repercussions from the law. They consider themselves to be the law. The same is true of terrorist organizations around the globe. And the same is true of the DEA.

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