Day: July 3, 2012

Open to the discussion

Mexico’s President-Elect: Legalization Should Be Part of Drug Strategy Debate

MEXICO CITY | The president-elect of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, said Tuesday Mexico should have a debate about legalizing and regulating the sale of drugs here, an approach advocated by some other Latin American leaders to take marijuana sale profits out of the hands of […]

Leave those kids alone

Regardless of what you think of this study about spanking leading to drug abuse later in life, if you’re writing for the Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF), you probably shouldn’t be going on record as being in favor of hitting children.

Too many people still remember Straight, Inc., and the horrific systematic abuses of young […]

Putting infographic lipstick on a pig

I received this wonderfully cheery email today from Alicia Sherman:


Hope you are have a wonderful start to your summer! I wanted to show off an Infographic my agency just rolled out about Drugs in the Work Place. I was taking a look at your site and I think you might be interested in […]