The most unhinged article you’ll read this week, from Devvy, the Dynamite Redhead

Let’s have some fun.

Somebody tipped me to this bizarre piece saying “worth a read”…

END THE VIOLENCE, LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS – A PIPE DREAM by Devvy, The Dynamite Redhead (!) Yep. She describes herself as an independent voter and a “constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party.”

“Worth a read” is true, but only if you’re looking for some really silly and strange fiction.

Even the first paragraph gives you a clue to the lack of actual… facts you’re likely to find in the piece.

There has been a major push in this country for many years to legalize all drugs – especially by Libertarians and two presidential candidates, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson (who dropped out early on):

I suppose “dropped out” is one way of looking at it. “Won the Libertarian nomination for President” is probably a better way. And Johnson has only been pushing for legalization of marijuana, while pointing out the problems with the rest of the drug war.

She does have the sense to realize that legalization will eliminate the profits for Mexican “cartels.”

Legalizing drugs will stop the drug cartel wars spilling over our borders, but it will not stop the violence in this country by drug addicted Americans.

Um. How is that a bad thing? Let’s say we legalize and we still have the problems of violent drug addicts (unlikely) that we have under criminalization, but we’ve eliminated all the problems of the black market… isn’t that a net victory?

And then comes the Reefer Madness…

“Mother, 28, who was hooked on cannabis found hanged next to the body of her six-year-old daughter.” [Quick - guess which newspaper she got that from!] [...]

“Inside America’s meth capital: “The town where a mother gunning down her children comes as no surprise in a tragic drug war. [Quick - guess which newspaper she got that from!] [...]

In Oklahoma, authorities charged Lyndsey Fiddler with second-degree manslaughter after an aunt found her infant daughter in a washing machine thudding off balance in the spin cycle. The aunt told authorities that Fiddler had been up for three days using meth. In Albuquerque, N.M., last month Liehsa Henderson, high on meth, claimed to be God and told police God wanted her son to die after allegedly stabbing him in the neck with a screwdriver. The boy survived.

“Last Sunday, Fresno police found Mendez dead on the bathroom floor of her home. Her children – 17-month-old Aliyah Echevarria and Isaiah Echevarria, 3 – were in the bathtub. Mendez’s cousin was dead in the kitchen. She had shot each in the head. [...]

Lee Moss was serving 12-month suspended sentence for growing a cannabis farm when he launched vicious attack. [...]

Missing & Murdered Montana Teacher Sherry Arnold Choked to Death and Buried in Random Abduction. The killers admitted to doing crack cocaine the entire weekend.

Anslinger would have absolutely loved this woman. Take a bunch of sensational stories and link them to drugs without any sense of causality.

Do you want to be sitting across from some crack head on public transit, the subway or a bus who suddenly decides you looked at him wrong?

No, I don’t. And that’s much more likely to happen under prohibition, than under regulated legalization.

Don’t we have enough man hours lost to employers every year because of drug use that interferes with a person’s job performance?

I don’t know. How many do we have? And this is under prohibition. What evidence do you have that there would be more under legalization?

“Effects of additives to heroin. Sometimes heroin dealers mix the drug with other substances to stretch supply and make more money. This can be very dangerous. Some of the additives do not dissolve as well as heroin does, and this can lead to blood vessel clogging. This can lead to heart, lung and kidney problems

And your point? That seems to be an argument for legalization.

But wait! She’s not done with the madness…

Toddler found high on heroin during mother’s arrest in Washington. [Guess. No Daily Mail, this time.] [...]

“Florida mom accused of selling sex with daughter, 6, to buy drugs.

But then, our Dynamite Redhead comes to her senses briefly with a rant about how bad the war on drugs is, until she become unhinged again with some more falsehoods. This time, the “Constitutionalist” defends the seizure of Camp Zoe(!)

Tebeau knew the sale of “pot”, LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms was against the law, yet he did it anyway. Oh, heck, say Libertarians, it’s all about freedom as long as you don’t hurt someone else. So what if LSD fries your brain?

Um, did you miss the part where the Feds admitted that Tebeau never sold drugs or profited from their sale?

I’m’ not even going to try to parse the end of the piece, which is a combination of reefer madness, conspiracy theories, anti-government rants all somehow wrapped up into a plea to end the drug war but keep drugs illegal.

Note: Before you make too many wisecracks about redheads, remember that I am a ginger.

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