Using children vs. teaching children

On one hand, we have No on 64 – website aimed at stopping marijuana legalization in Colorado. What’s on top of the webpage?

Amendment 64 would:

  • Make Colorado the first state to try to profit from the legalization of marijuana at the expense of its children.
  • Make Colorado the only state where it is legal to grow, transport and sell marijuana for recreational use.
  • Make it legal for anyone twenty-one years or older to possess and consume up to one ounce of marijuana (the equivalent of 60 joints or eight pans of pot brownies).
  • Permit opening marijuana retail stores, growing facilities, manufacturing facilities and testing facilities in your community.

A huge picture of kids, the words “Expense of its children” with nothing to support it, and yet the law clearly keeps it illegal for those under 21. So why are kids on the webpage? And why does the page go on to spout lies about kids and marijuana?

Because these people are using kids for their own political purposes.

On the other hand…

NORML blog today has: There is Nothing ‘Complicated’ About Telling Your Kids the Truth

Here are responsible people talking about education and realities.

Education gives children the tools and understanding to help them cope with the challenges they have already experienced, and will continue to face further down the road. Creating a government regulated system for marijuana legalization, which will include everything from age limits to promotional and advertising restrictions (and obviously impaired driving regulations), will actually help parents address this issue with their kids [...]

Children need accurate information to make informed decisions. They need to be educated on how consuming marijuana can effect their body’s development specifically, and how to reduce any harms associated with its use – as well as how to distinguish between use and abuse. Just as it is socially acceptable for parents to speak with their children openly about their use of alcohol, with an emphasis on that fact that it is only appropriate for adults in moderation, the legalization of marijuana will allow parents to openly discuss their (possible) past or current use and be able to objectively and rationally speak to their children about pot. The controlled regulation of marijuana will send a message of moderation and responsible use. It will also undercut the black market, which in turn will reduce teen access. It’s as simple as that, and it’s a win-win for everybody.

So, who has the best interests of children in mind? The prohibitionists or the “potheads”?

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