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Dear NORML Supporters,

NORML - Remember Prohibition?Arrests, penalties and the threat of incarceration when widely broadcast to society are supposed to act as deterrent to unwanted human behavior. True or not, one thing is for sure: Despite nearly seventy-five years of Cannabis Prohibition in America, and the presence of nearly 40 million consumers and 850,000 cannabis-related criminal arrests annually, most cannabis consumers (and medical patients who use cannabis) do not know what their state’s laws and penalties are for cannabis.

Of the many functions and responsibilities of a cannabis law reform group like NORML — lobbying, litigation, political organizing and education — one very specific service-oriented function we faithfully perform is to research, publish and maintain an updated state-by-state listing of laws and penalties associated with cannabis.

Since 1970, no other organization, government body or any other entity has devoted the time and resources to be the chronicler of America’s Cannabis Prohibition laws and penalties. Most local, state and federal authorities cite or reference NORML’s ‘Guide to State and Federal Cannabis Laws‘.

The state-by-state guide has now been greatly enhanced and updated, including adding new sections on Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID), statutory law and penal code citations. The medical cannabis law section as well as the Legal Brief Bank section is regularly updated.

This summer’s crop of legal interns is currently finishing a new section on hashish and cannabis concentrates that will be helpful to millions of cannabis consumers and patients across the country.

NORML Foundation FundraiserDid you know that you could receive a life sentence in Oklahoma for making a little hash?

Your continued financial support for NORML’s (and the NORML Foundation’s) advocacy work has made this kind of crucially important information for cannabis consumers and society possible since 1970.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the NORML Foundation. Make a $50 donation and receive a complete legal guide to medical cannabis laws in California; donate $100 dollars and we will include an odorless backpack provided by Stealth Products.

Thanks in advance for caring and sharing!

Cannabem liberemus,

Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
NORML / NORML Foundation

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