Day: June 1, 2012

Dennis Reboletti – Stupid Legislator of the Day

They don’t come any dumber than Dennis. Unfortunately, a fair number are as dumb.

House OKs bill to ban flavored rolling papers

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Flavored tobacco rolling papers that critics say are used to smoke marijuana would be banned under a plan approved by the Illinois House.

The House gave its OK to […]

Look Out Canada: The Women are Coming!

The NORML Women’s Alliance has been growing at an unprecedented rate.  Women have been organizing around the country, targeting the female demographic and spreading the word of marijuana law reform.  The enthusiasm for this NORML Foundation program has crossed the border and gone international. The Women’s Alliance has become the latest sensation for marijuana law reformers in Canada, and is spreading like wildfire across the territories. From Vancouver to Toronto, the NORML Women’s Alliance has brought together an amazing group of strong, empowered, like-minded women. In early May, the NORML […]

What our government thinks of us

From the Moving towards a Drug-free Society: Statement made by the 2nd Congress of World Federation Against Drugs – WFAD, Stockholm, Sweden on May 23, 2012… (where our own Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske was a proud and eager participant):

[…] Realizing that advocates of legalization and decriminalization of drugs are driven by greed, disrespect […]

More polling

All over the media this morning is the screaming headline from the Los Angeles Times:

Most California voters don’t support legalizing pot, poll finds

The subtext is, if California doesn’t support legalization…

Of course, it’s the Los Angeles Times, and the Los Angeles Times poll, and the Los Angeles Times has never been pot […]