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Hope you had a good holiday weekend — especially the many veterans who are regulars here. I raised a glass to you, while hoping for an end to wars and for bringing war profiteers (both political and financial) to justice.

It got me thinking about the drug war — and yes, it is a war regardless of the drug czar’s wishes to avoid the words. And, of course, as with many wars, there’s no “winning” side or “righteous” side in this war. There are only combatants who refuse to give up their war, and the rest of the world who are victims of its destruction. We are not combatants in the drug war. Our fight is to end the war. Our fight is for peace.

It’s been a busy time lately and will continue to be as I finish up some projects prior to taking a large tour group to New York next week. I’ve also started rehearsals for my next show in Chicago, which will be opening June 29.

I’ve also had to adjust my blogging routine. I finally retired the 2006 Mac laptop that you loyal readers helped purchase for me. It served me extremely well for a whole lot of years. I’m trying to get adjusted to blogging on an iPad. It’s more portable, but it also has some challenges and differences that require adjustments on my part. I haven’t gotten used to new ways of keeping track of articles, etc. Bear with me.

bullet image Courts Expose Stop-and-Frisk as Racist, Unconstitutional NYPD Harassment Strategy: 8 Important Facets of the Legal Decision

“According to their own explanations for their actions, NYPD officers conducted at least 170,000 unlawful stops between 2004 and 2009″

bullet image Families of Mexico drugs war victims berate candidates – apparently U.S. politicians aren’t the only ones who prefer to avoid talking about the drug war.

bullet image Trial To Begin Monday In Lawsuit Over Dog Fatally Shot By Hartford Police – federal lawsuit. Time to start reining in the police abuse of dogs (via Radley Balko)

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