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bullet image Meanwhile… the drug war continues and people die.

The Atlantic – this is a photo essay with warnings about them being graphic and stark. I’ve seen much more graphic photos of the violence in Mexico. Comments on the article are a mixed bag — a fair number who see legalization as part of the solution, but also some idiots…

Mexico has been soft on drug lords for years, largely because they are in control of much of the corrupt government. Nobody knows who can be trusted, and there is no accountability for being a violent criminal in Mexico. There is no death penalty, and your buddies will break into the jail and get you out in a few months anyway. It’s a free for all, and it’s a cop out to say that the US is to blame. These guys aren’t fighting drug agents – they are fighting each other for a larger piece of a country that is out of control. If the US is to blame, it is only because we tolerate drugs too much here. [...]

I don’t use. My conscience is clear.

If you use, you deserve to be laying on the side of the road more than most of the people shown here. Party on. I hope the karma comes around. [...]

50k don’t really make a difference, especially if they are criminals.

bullet image Your Latest Reminder That Obama Has Taken the War out of the War

In Honduras: Four dead in one operation, including a 14-year-old and two pregnant women. Then, a village raid, in which agents put a gun to the head of a teenager, threatened to kill him, then dumped in the jungle, still tethered. The DEA and Pentagon are playing coy about their involvement.

bullet image

bullet image Federal judge: GPS use illegal in Chicago-Kentucky drug bust – Hmmm… a pro-Fourth Amendment ruling?

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