Lessons to learn

A very interesting article about an entirely different subject: Obama and Gay Marriage: A Lesson for All Progressives and the Obama Campaign

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that in the wake of President Obama’s support for marriage equality, opposition to it is at an all-time low, at 39 percent. For the first time, strong support exceeds strong opposition. Moreover, there is now greater support for marriage equality among African Americans — a whopping 59 percent — than in the general population, breaking long-held stereotypes.

Look at that: Leadership happens. [...]

And there’s a lesson here for all progressives — and for the Obama campaign. We were told by the Democratic strategists and the campaign pollsters, the Democratic establishment, that coming out for marriage equality would be harmful to the president. [...]

But the opposite has happened.

This is a point that Scott Morgan has been making for some time when it comes to drug policy. The notion that a President would be damaged by showing real leadership in drug policy reform is a false fear, and way out of date.

There are things we can learn from the activism work being done in gay rights.

I find the statistic about African American support for marriage equality particularly stunning. Imagine what could have happened with an African American President speaking out compellingly about the devastation of the drug war in African American communities. Imagine true leadership.

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