Powerful new poll results

In the new Rasmussen Poll, 56% of Americans supported legalizing and regulating marijuana and only 36% were opposed.

That’s pretty remarkable. We’ve done an incredible job in educating the public. And another thing that helps is that pollers are realizing that because of the baggage that certain words carry due to efforts of prohibitionists, careful question wording is essential.

The question for that particular answer was:

Suppose that marijuana was legalized and regulated so that it was illegal for people under 18 to buy, that those who drove while under the influence of marijuana received strict penalties, and that smoking marijuana was banned in public places like restaurants. With such regulations in place, would you favor or oppose legalizing and regulating marijuana?

Interestingly, while only 11% were in favor of legalizing cocaine in a manner similar to tobacco, when the question was asked:

If you knew that legalizing and regulating both marijuana and cocaine would, in fact, reduce drug violence along the Mexican border, would you favor or oppose regulating both marijuana and cocaine?

… the number went up to 47%

That’s incredible.

We still have work to do, but we’re making great strides in the important area (which is the people, not the politicians).

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