Month: July 2011

If it comes out of the drug czar’s mouth…

What a kidder…

The Obama Administration has made clear that science and research – not politics – should determine what is safe and effective medicine.


And, of course, he just can’t resist throwing out completely irrelevant treatment numbers.

… 150,000 people who showed up voluntarily at treatment facilities in 2009 reported marijuana […]

Connecticut: Marijuana Decriminalization Measure Is Now Law

Democrat Gov. Dan Malloy signed legislation into law on Thursday, June 30 ‘decriminalizing’ the possession of small, personal use amounts of marijuana by adults. The new law, Senate Bill 1014, took effect on Friday, July 1.
Senate Bill 1014 reduces the penalties for the adult possession of up to one-half ounce of marijuana from a criminal […]

Portugal again

Portugal drug law show results ten years on, experts say

Health experts in Portugal said Friday that Portugal’s decision 10 years ago to decriminalise drug use and treat addicts rather than punishing them is an experiment that has worked.

“There is no doubt that the phenomenon of addiction is in decline in Portugal,” said […]

Setting Priorities

Just to clarify, the federal government cannot go after everyone, so it helps to know where you stand if you’re thinking about breaking federal law.

For those involved in ordering torture, approving it, and even for the vast majority of those who committed brutal torture that went all the way to murder, they are […]

A Letter From Cory Maye

Over at the Agitator

Self explanatory.

A lot of suffering. A lot of grief. A lot of injustice. This damned drug war.

I guess I’m just ready to share all this love that I have built up inside of me all these years. No more late nights or days just wishing I can hold […]

Latest DOJ Memo Emphasizes Why We Must Pass HR 2306, The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act Of 2011

On Wednesday the Obama administration for the second time in two years issued a Department of Justice memorandum regarding the state-sanctioned use and production of medical cannabis. However, unlike the release of the 2009 ‘Ogden memo,’ which the administration promoted with great fanfare, the issuance of this week’s ‘Cole memorandum’ is strategically being downplayed by […]

Arrived: DOJ Memo On Medical Marijuana

The Star-Ledger in New Jersey published the long awaited ‘clarifying’ memo on medical marijuana last night from the Department of Justice.
It appears from the letter that the Obama administration’s DOJ is going to continue to walk the fine line between allowing ’self preservation’ for medical cannabis patients (i.e., a patient can possess and cultivate […]

The Obama Administration demonstrates once again that it’s not interested in anti-war voters of any kind.

The “clarification” of the Attorney General memo on medical marijuana (AKA the “Ogden Memo” has arrived. No big surprise. This administration, like the others before it, has hitched its wagon to the drug warriors.

June 29, 2011


FROM: James M. Cole Deputy Attorney General

SUBJECT: Guidance Regarding the […]