Odds and Ends

bullet image The October 9, 2002 Petition to Reschedule Marijuana has been officially denied by Michele Leonhart and the denial placed in the Federal Register today.

Interesting timing, given the recent DOJ letter regarding medical marijuana prosecutions. Looks like all-out federal war.

bullet image Time for our Rapid Response Team to spring into action!

From The Thinking Policeman: A Police Officer’s Blog: The Drugs Debate

Apparently he’s already expecting to hear from the “usual hysterical pro drugs legalisation brigade.”

He’s heard all the legalization arguments and can recite them, but can’t quite put together the pieces. Besides, he gets caught into some of the worst traps:

  • “Until there is a clear strategy and model the pro legalisation lobby will not be taken seriously.”
  • “Drugs are far more addictive and potentially harmful [than alcohol]“
  • “Using the same argument there is a better case to legalise all crime.”
  • “Drug users have a false belief that more people are using drugs than in fact are.”
  • “In my view the risks of a liberal experiment of lawful drug supply by way of regulation coupled with lawful possession far outweigh any potential benefits. Liberalisation of possession in countries such as Portugal and Holland has done little to address drugs and crime. The Swedish model of strict enforcement with investment in prevention and treatment works better.”
  • “For example, there are 1.5 million bikes in Amsterdam and every year 600,000 are stolen.”

Someone may want to inform him about Transform’s Blueprint, among other things…

bullet image Your tax dollars on drugs.

A professionally printed ad sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse being seen on the El trains around Philadelphia contains the following:

“contact the Family Trainging Program” [...] “The Parents TRanslatoinal Researg Center.” [emphasis added]

It makes the advertised phone number — 877.i.WORRY.2 — all the more appropriate.

bullet image Ethan Nadelmann will be on “Real Time with Bill Maher” tonight.

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