Drug Czar making a career out of intentionally confusing correlation with causation

Most Men Arrested In Atlanta Test Positive For Drugs

ATLANTA — According to a new federal report, most men arrested in Atlanta test positive for illegal drugs at the time of their arrests. [...]

National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske: “Drug addiction is too often the root of crime in our communities.”

Feds: Most Indianapolis men arrested were on drugs

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A new federal report has found that more than two-thirds of Indianapolis men arrested last year were under the influence of at least one illegal drug.

White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske (kur-lih-KOW’-skee) says the findings show that “drug addiction is too often the root of crime”

Here’s the actual report. Some of it is interesting, and could provide useful information, such as how arrestees in some cities are more likely to have used heroin than in others.

But the overall percentage of arrested men testing positive for drugs figure is mostly meaningless and entirely meaningless in the way the drug czar is touting it — by far the most common drug showing up in the report is marijuana. That’s because it’s popular and easy to obtain and because this population is unlikely to care that it’s illegal.

It has absolutely nothing to do with drug use causing crime.

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