Day: June 8, 2011

Another open thread

I’ve returned from a wonderful and exhausting week in New York with a cold and broken wifi. They say they’ll get to it on Friday.

It does make it difficult to post (the iPhone makes it possible, but it’s cumbersome to do links and quotes).

Here’s a press release for you..

June […]

Inventor of “synthetic pot” / “K2″ / “Spice” says legalize the natural marijuana

We get many comments on our stories about K2/Spice, the chemical “JWH-018″ and others like it that the media have dubbed “fake pot” or “synthetic marijuana.” The reason there is even such a chemical is that the scientist who invented it, John W. Huffman, could not get access to natural cannabis to study cannabinoids. […]

America’s Drug Czar: Programmed To Oppose Popular Drug Policy Reforms

Predictably. Reflexively. Mandated by law.
So the current U.S. drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske*, in true Pavlovian style, reacted negatively to the umpteenth commission report issued last week opining that 1) the war on some drugs has totally failed to achieve any of its stated goals, 2) policy reforms based on public health–not arrest and incarcerate–models are […]