Month: May 2011

Bound to turn some heads

It’s the Truth Enforcement Squad Car, number 420, of course, patrolling the streets in Dallas/Ft. Worth. This is a project of the Dallas/Ft. Worth NORML chapter, complete with green LEDs to replace the normal red and blue lights. Near the rear, it reads: “Legislate, Educate and Medicate”

More here.

I don’t recommend driving […]

More drug free follies


Nearly 400 students got to skip school Tuesday to be honored for their commitment to staying drug free. That’s because each of them made a promise at the beginning of the school year to volunteer to be randomly drug screened as members of the “Remembering Adam” program. […]

“It’s been fun. A lot […]

What’s more important? Arresting, or saving lives?

Lawmakers ponder immunity in overdose cases

Springfield (AP) – Kathie Kane-Willis faced a life-and-death dilemma: Her boyfriend’s lips were blue. He was going into cardiac arrest from a drug overdose. Would she be arrested if she called the authorities for help?

If a law had been in place offering legal immunity to drug […]

Torture and drug policy

“We don’t torture people in America and people who say we do simply know nothing about our country.” – George W. Bush [Interview with Australian TV – 10/18/03]

At the recent GOP Presidential candidate debate on Fox, the five participants were asked to raise their hands if they could support the use of torture […]

Mexican protesters marching

Mexican protesters begin 3-day march seeking end to drug war

Hundreds of protesters began a three-day march to Mexico’s capital Thursday, demanding peace in the war between the government and drug cartels.

Some carried signs bearing the names of victims of the brutal wave of drug-related violence that has hit many parts of the […]

Open Thread

It’s finals week and the end of an extremely busy semester.

OK, this music video isn’t for everyone, and it certainly is not going to do much to convert those who are opposed to legalization and the cannabis culture, but I think it’s very well done on a number of levels.

We don’t […]

Gary Johnson is asked about the drug war

In an interview with Robert Naiman reported in the Huffington Post, Presidential candidate Gary Johnson was asked about the drug war.

RN: I wanted to ask you about your opinion the “war on drugs.” This is kind of a signature issue for you, I wanted you to talk about the cost, your perception of […]

Anatomy of a LEAPer

Over at Heightened Sense, there’s a very interesting article talking about Major Neill Franklin, Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and his “Road to Damascus” moment that finally led him to realize that prohibition was wrong and needed to be changed.

It’s a tragedy that it took the death of a friend for […]

Open Thread

I’ve gotten way too little sleep this weekend.
I hear we’ve won the war on terror, so I guess that’s a good thing. Now we can focus on winning that pesky war on drugs, right?