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bullet image Guatemala says it is winning the drug war, following decapitation of prosecutor

The title of this article says it all. Another in the series of “people are dying so we’re successful” drug war justifications.

bullet image Three Medical Marijuana Bills Filed in Congress

The trio of bills is a clear signal to the Obama administration that disenchantment with its approach to medical marijuana is growing in Congress. While the Obama Justice Department declared in its famous 2009 memo that it would not go after medical marijuana operations in compliance with state laws in states where it is legal, federal prosecutors and the DEA have continued to arrest and prosecute medical marijuana providers.

bullet image No easy fix for California’s prison crisis

“We have to stop the insanity of sending nonviolent drug offenders and low-level theft offenders to prison for life,”

bullet image Russia hopes to halve number of drug addicts by 2014

The introduction of punitive measures and mandatory treatment would allow Russian authorities to reduce the number of drug addicts in the country by half in three years, Russia’s anti-narcotics chief, Viktor Ivanov, said.

Right. ‘Cause that’s worked so well.

bullet image 3 in MCSO accused of cartel ties

Three Maricopa County sheriff’s employees, including a deputy in the human-smuggling unit, were arrested Tuesday by authorities who say they were involved in a drug- and human-trafficking ring and used Sheriff’s Office intelligence to guide smugglers through the Valley.

If this is true, it’s somewhat mind blowing. Imagine helping the cartels while working for someone as scary as Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

No government in the world can compete with the black market in financial compensation for police officers.Guitherisms

[Thanks, Tom]

bullet image Extend life-saving Patriot Act items

James Sensenbrenner, Jr., one of the worst of the worst in Congress, defends the Patriot Act extensions:

Additionally, no civil liberties have ever been violated.

Just wow.

bullet image Doing Life for Marijuana: A Case Study in Waste – excellent OpEd by ACLU’s Alison Holcomb

So, Louisiana taxpayers are going to spend a lot of money to warehouse a nonviolent marijuana seller for the rest of his life. Does anyone seriously think it will be harder to buy marijuana in Louisiana?

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