Legal bandits (Updated)

Via Radley Balko comes this excellent asset forfeiture cash stealing investigation by News 5 in Nashville.

Again, this isn’t a surprise to us, but as evidenced by the anchors at the end of this segment, most of the population is not aware that this kind of thing goes on in this country.

Update: More from the News 5 investigation:

Questionable Traffic Stops Caught On Camera

In this one, the News 5 helicopter team tracked a police car that pulled over two Hispanic men with Texas plates supposedly for weaving on the road, yet the News 5 helicopter video showed that the car wasn’t weaving at all. The news investigation team covers the line between persuading someone to consent to a search and tricking them. Very good piece.

Video Shows Officer Offering Truckers Freedom For Cash

Cops searched the truck and couldn’t find anything, but felt that something was there, so they threatened the truck drivers with prosecution unless they gave up the cash, despite the fact that there was nothing they could charge the drivers with.

News 5 reporter: “If I have not committed a crime, is it proper for a police officer to make me think that I have?”

District Attorney General Kim Helper: [pause] I believe… that officer can use a variety of techniques…

There are more videos and stories connected to this investigation, including extended interviews and traffic stop videos.

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