Mexican protesters marching

Mexican protesters begin 3-day march seeking end to drug war

Hundreds of protesters began a three-day march to Mexico’s capital Thursday, demanding peace in the war between the government and drug cartels.

Some carried signs bearing the names of victims of the brutal wave of drug-related violence that has hit many parts of the country. Others who gathered in the central Mexican city of Cuernavaca toted a large black banner that said “STOP THE WAR.”

One of the most persistent enemies of finding real solutions to the violence is the pathetic war mentality that is completely blind to the fact that they’re throwing gasoline onto the fire. That same traditional war mentality also convinces them that any suggestion other than continuing the present course is an unacceptable “retreat” or “surrender.”

“Retreating from the fight is not an option. Quite the opposite. We must redouble our efforts, because if we stop fighting, they are going to kidnap, extort and kill all over the country,” Calderon said. “Because marching back means things will get worse. If we retreat, we will allow gangs of criminals to walk all the streets of Mexico with impunity, assaulting people without anyone stopping them.” [...]

In his statement Wednesday, Calderon acknowledged that some Mexicans are less committed to — and afraid of — his fight against criminals. But he showed no sign of changing his approach.

“Just like you, I also want a Mexico without violence. I want a peaceful Mexico. But this goal will not be accomplished with false exits. The solution is to stop the criminals, who are the enemies of Mexico,” he said.

Perhaps the people of Mexico are stepping up and saying “This is my house that’s burning down and you keep throwing gasoline on it. Stop it! Take your gas can and back away — I don’t care if you call it retreat or something else, but our house doesn’t need your kind of help.”

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