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It’s finals week and the end of an extremely busy semester.

bullet image OK, this music video isn’t for everyone, and it certainly is not going to do much to convert those who are opposed to legalization and the cannabis culture, but I think it’s very well done on a number of levels.

We don’t fear no plant.

[Thanks, Carrington]

bullet image Getting Relief in Wartime: Opioids, Pain Management, and the War on Drugs by Siobhan Reynolds

Siobhan does a good job of showing the flaws in the government’s latest push to fight prescription drug abuse.

bullet image Anti-Drug War Movement Emerges in Mexico

After four years of war that has left nearly 40,000 people dead, countless more disappeared, and soldiers on the streets of every state in the country, many Mexicans are finally “fed up” with President Felipe Calderón’s drug policy. This weekend, Mexicans in at least 25 of the country’s 31 states will protest to “stop the war, for a just and peaceful Mexico.” Protests are also planned in solidarity in at least twelve cities in Europe, Canada, the United States, and Brazil.

bullet image Mexico: Netizens Put Death of Osama Bin Laden in Context

I found this by blogger Richard Grabman appropriate:

The government here, at the behest of the United States, targeted – and killed – any number of supposedly indispensable men in generic evil-doing business. While there’s a tendency to give these groups inappropriate names like “cartels,” or ridiculously inflated bureaucratic terms like “Transnational Criminal Organizations,” the Mexican fight has been against a known – and not all that complicated – an enemy: gangsters.

Every time some “drug king-pin” has been blown away we’re told it’s an incredible victory for the government and the “war on drugs”… and the result is more violence, more mayhem. […]

The U.S. has supposedly been waging not a war on Al Qaida, but a “war on terror” – the abstract noun that may have on[c]e referred specifically to Bin Laden’s organization, and by extension similar armed ideological movements, but has proven elastic enough to cover nearly any organized violent resistance to the status quo.[…]

What frankly scares quite a number of people here is not that the criminals might “win,” but that the state will lose legitimacy. Or, that in its infinite expansion of the “war on terror,” the United States will drop the pretense of “cooperation” and simply intervene directly in this country. Which, of course, would lead to resistance, which would be labeled “terrorism,” which would require more intervention….

bullet image Drug Policy that promotes security: The paradox of de-securitisation – a new paper by Transform Drug Policy Foundation.

bullet image Most interesting non-story: Marijuana crops planted outside Osama Bin Laden’s compound; farmers growing ganja near terror lair

You can see the reporters trying to find a way to make a story out of this, but the simple fact is that marijuana is popular everywhere and grows just about anywhere. That’s probably the only story there.

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