Think of the children

More of this kind of discussion, please…

Children are Harmed, Not Helped, by Unwinnable Drug War by Daniel Robelo

After forty years and a trillion dollars, supporters of the drug war still claim that any discussion of legalization sends the “wrong message” to children.

The truth, as seen in news from Mexico ever day, is that the drug war itself is killing children. And the message we send by not discussing alternatives is one of cruel indifference. [...]

Because the real “wrong message” is letting children die and communities be destroyed by refusing to put all options on the table.

Look, I am sick and tired of the crass and false “think of the children” arguments by the prohibitionists. I don’t want to go down their road, but it’s time we did a better job of showing that prohibitionists don’t really care about children, and that prohibition is harming children, not helping them.

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