NORML National Conference 2011 – On Demand Video

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We’ve concluded the 40th Annual NORML Conference in Denver.  There are so many amazing moments, informative presentations, and great photographs to share.  We’ll be posting more throughout this week.

You can view most of the plenary sessions from all three days of the conference at our On Demand Video archive for NORML SHOW LIVE.  Click here to view all the videos from the conference.

These are the “raw feed” videos that were captured during the presentations so they are not edited.  You may have to cue ahead a minute or two to get to the beginnings of the presentations and there may be a couple that get cut off at the end by Stickam’s 65-minute time limit.

From these videos and from other hi-def recordings we are going to put together edited versions of these panels for a DVD that will be available through the NORML Online Store.

Here is the opening presentation – a look at the statistics on cannabis consumers in America (cue forward to 3:10 for the beginning):

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