Day: April 21, 2011

Day One Conference Agenda

Thursday, April 21
Moderator: Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director, NORML & NORML Foundation
8:00-10:00am: Conference Registration Desk
9:00-9:45am: Marijuana Nation: The Science and Statistics on Cannabis and its Consumers
NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville
9:45-10:30am: NORML at Forty Years Old
NORML founder Keith Stroup, Esq.
10:30-10:45am: Break
10:45-12:30pm: Pot-n-Politics: 2011-2012 […]

Open Thread

Gary Johnson officially announced his bid for the Presidency today. Regardless of how that campaign goes, my hope is that it will spark additional debate regarding the drug war. Of all the candidates, his is the candidacy that is most likely to do so.

Welcome new readers from Illinois State University where I […]

Asking for more of what ails you

Thanks to Shaleen for sending me this data from a recent CNN poll.

Do you favor or oppose the legalization of marijuana?

White Non-White Favor 43% 36% Oppose 54% 62%

Incredible? Perhaps.

And yet, not really.

For us, it’s hard to imagine that minorities would support the drug war. After all, we know that […]