Drug free

Apparently the drug-free notion won’t die. Here’s another article: County students commit to drug-free lives

Again, the notion is absurd. What they really mean is that County students are committing to not using certain drugs that have been demonized. I doubt seriously that these students are giving up caffeine.

Now I have no problem with someone making a choice to never use alcohol or marijuana or cocaine. That’s entirely their decision. Just as I have no problem with someone choosing to never have sex, to never ride in a motorized conveyance, to never eat meat, to never eat vegetables, to never wear polyester, etc.

If they want to make these personal decisions, then that’s their right, as long as they don’t expect me or require me to also live up to their limitations.

In reading the quotes from these students, maybe it’s just me (or the fact that I watched 1984 last night), but the statements actually seemed a bit… creepy.

“I chose to live my life drug free so I can live my life my way, not the way chosen by drugs or alcohol.”

“To me, being drug free means never denying myself self-control.”

“Since eighth grade, I’ve had a plan for my life and never have these plans included any drugs, alcohol, or anything of the sort.”

“I chose to live a drug-free life because I want to become a lawyer someday, and drugs can inhibit me from achieving that goal.”

“I hope that with me living a nonviolent, drug-free life I can encourage others to do so also.”

“I don’t want any distractions from any outside source to distract me from achieving my goals.”

“At the Career Center I study heating, ventilation and air conditioning. … If you use drugs in this field … you could endanger yourself and others.”

“Why would I choose to live a drug … lifestyle, a lifestyle that’s full of deception, manipulation, a dependency on a drug and causing pain to the ones you love?”

“For me these organizations have helped me to live above the influence and have a greater influence on the younger generations.”

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