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Having a tough time finding time to post right now, operating on a severe lack of sleep.

Having a good time, though. I’m faculty advisor for a college student group called Theatre of Ted. They do underground open-mic-style theatre every Saturday night at midnight along with other events. One annual thing they do is sponsor a Four-Square Marathon for Student Scholarships. Four-square? The grade school playground game? Yes, but the students here have their own style and rules.

The way the marathon works is that they keep at least one court going night and day, while getting people to pledge $1 or $.50 per hour based on how long it’ll go, as well as getting direct donations. They started Wednesday at 5 pm and have gone 38 hours so far at the time of this posting. They’re hoping to break last year’s record of 64 hours, which would mean continuing until sometime Saturday morning.

I’m there through all the nighttime hours to keep an eye on things, as well as cooking grilled cheese sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches for them on the griddle.

I’m also a member of one of the fundraising teams (team #8) and if you think it would be a fun thing to help out some outstanding students raise money to create their own scholarship fund, here’s your chance. You can donate directly online with credit card (add 8 cents to the donation so my team gets credit).

Discuss what you like.

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