Cops are pissed

District Attorney Throws Out 57 Cases After Henry Hotel Scandal, Cops Pissed

This is the scandal where videotape evidence showed that police officers entered rooms without a warrant or consent, and then lied about it on the stand.

The whole scandal has pissed off some cops, says one a veteran cop who attended the police academy with two of the accused officers. He talked to SF Weekly candidly in exchange for anonymity.

“As far as dudes being sloppy in attempting to arrest someone, I don’t see how that meets the standard of such accused corruption…Those guys, they work really hard and care about their jobs, it’s a big blow to morale to see them so immediately vilified,” he said.

“If these guys are cutting corners and not going about things the right legal way, that sucks and maybe they should be reprimanded. But police work and plainclothes work is not black and white — you have to be creative to be effective,” he tells us.

Yeah, that Fourth Amendment limits our creativity. Now the KGB – those were some really creative guys.

The officer also put into perspective why we shouldn’t be so concerned about the violation of citizens’ rights and lying on the stand…

“It’s a bummer to see all those cases dismissed. It was kind of depressing. I guarantee there’s other police departments in America where far worse things happen and nobody bats an eye.”

Is that the standard we’re aiming for? Hey, at least we’re not as corrupt as some of the other cops.

The sad thing is that this is pretty common. Cops who truly believe that violating the law and citizens’ rights when it comes to the drug war is no worse, really, than overstaying a parking meter.

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