Announcing The NORML Network – Marijuana Podcasts 24/7

I’m excited to announce the next outreach project from NORML – The NORML Network.

It’s a twenty-four hour internet radio station of news, opinion, interviews, music, and live event coverage for the cannabis community. You can listen live anytime by visiting on your browser or by installing the Stickam app for your smartphone.  Our anchor show, NORML SHOW LIVE, airs at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern and new shows run 5pm-9pm Pacific / 8pm-Midnight Eastern.

For three years I have been the host of NORML’s official podcast, the NORML Daily Audio Stash, founded by longtime NORML activist Chris Goldstein two years before that.  Back then, we were among a handful of people spreading the growing truth about cannabis on the internet.

Now we can bring you shows from all over the country and even one show from England – Cannabis Cure UK who’s fighting for medical marijuana access in Britain.

The Hot Box from Kalispell, Montana, just last month brought us eyewitness coverage of the latest DEA raids.

John Doe Radio and Mile High NORML have been covering the contentious DUID hearings in Denver.

Cannabis States of America fights prohibition in the South from Florida, the toughest region of the country for reformers.

Green Central Station reports from Des Moines, Iowa, the state with statistically the fewest tokers in America.

Three shows, Cannabis Agenda, California Marijuana Report, and Hollywood Hemptress Hour cover the Golden State from north to south.

Drug Truth Network’s Cultural Baggage and Century of Lies from Houston interviews the top national figures in drug law reform.

The aforementioned Chris Goldstein’s FreedomisGreen covers the East Coast reform movement.

NORML SHOW LIVE’s co-host also has a show, The Ganja Jon Show, with the acerbic views of a young man who’s survived two transplants and loss of an eye while fighting for medical marijuana in Oregon.

We begin and end the week with music; The Viper Hour starts us off with a dose of reefer jazz and The Irie Island Hour takes us into the weekend with smooth reggae.

Shows are replayed throughout the morning.  Weekends you can catch the entire lineup of new programs plus 24 hours of Daily Toker Tunes, the best podsafe cannabis music from all genres.

Join us at The NORML Network… where the time is 4:20 24/7/365!

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